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Sweet Charity Choir online Community Volunteers

The SCC Online Community Volunteers are compassionate and caring choir members who are dedicated to helping within the community and assisting Jenny and George. 


“I am so blessed to have these incredible people in my life - they are truly the most helpful and caring people I’ve ever met and would do anything to help our community. I know that our choir members are looked after whenever anyone is in their hands. Jenny” 

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Being part of the SCC family has been an important part of my life for many years. Jenny and George have now created an incredible online resource that is so beautiful and straightforward to use. 
SCC is such a safe and supportive environment and now our wonderful choir family is including people from all over the world. 💙🌎💙

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"I love being part of the SCC family, With my background in I.T, I try to help behind the scenes with the technical side of things. I love getting to the root of a problem so that people can get on with the important parts: learning, singing and enjoying"

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Being part of SCC is so much more than performing wonderful arrangements. It’s a place of warmth and safety with my choir family. Its a haven for support, love and care. In exchange, I try to give support and help to my choir friends.

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"I’ll help in any way I can to ensure all members get the brilliant SCC experience. I can help particularly with iPhone issues, and any soprano-specific questions"

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"Sweet Charity Choir is so much more than singing together, it is a place of friendship, caring and giving, where everyone is accepted and included. I love my SC family. If ever you need words of encouragement or support I am here to help"

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"I am certainly no tech wizard but am happy to offer encouragement and a hug (virtual or otherwise). ALWAYS. Being a member of SCC Online is a unique and wonderful experience; The SCC family is a warm, safe and beautiful place to be"



"Thanks to their constant support and tireless efforts, Jen and George have ensured that we able to continue to sing together. Information sharing and encouragement through our Facebook page are my strengths, but I am always willing to help with anything I can with admin tasks"

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"Jenny and George give so much to Sweet Charity Choir members and have worked tirelessly to keep our community singing together and supporting others.  I am proud to be a part of the SCC family and love being able to give something back by helping with admin tasks behind the scenes" 💙

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